Berlin Marathon Training Week #6 Day 5 Back to Normalcy

Location: Pasadena, CA.

Temperature: Mostly sunny, 79 degrees with 50% humidity

Type of Run: Semi-long

Length: 10.26 miles + 5 sprint strides

Type of route: Gradual inclines and declines with four hill climbs and four hill descents

Time: 1 hour, 12 minutes, 13 seconds

Pace per mile: 7:03

Average heart rate: 145

Reason for Run: This was the weekly semi-long run. As my training progresses, this run will increase to a max of 13 to 14 miles. Semi-long runs should be run faster than long runs but not nearly as fast as tempo runs. The goal is to build endurance. Sprint strides help improve leg turnover, running efficiency and speed.

How did I feel? Good. I ran at a comfortable pace. I felt in control which was good because warmer temperatures and higher humidity levels can have a major effect on your runs. The route is not easy with four hill climbs on the streets. Running hills is a great way to build leg strength because you’re forcing your muscles to work harder. This was a good workout before a challenging interval session tomorrow which I’m sure you’ll be excited to read about.

Running With You,


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