2:59:59 podcast episode 1–motivation tips, interval workouts and a racing accident

Welcome everyone to my new podcast 2:59:59. It’s a podcast for all of us competitive amateur runners looking for a slice of the running podcast world that fits our interests. There are no couch-to-5k tips here or unrelatable stories about 140-mile weeks and months-long training getaways at elevation. If you’re like me, a regular person who likes to run, train hard, set goals and accomplish them, this is your podcast.

In this first/pilot episode, I explain who I am, give some motivation tips when you feel sluggish, explain my favorite interval workouts and share an “interesting” story about a top runner who didn’t let a GI emergency stop her marathon.

Please feel free to comment with any feedback or suggestions for future episode topics. You can also email me at donaldmorrison807@gmail.com.

After the Paris Marathon in Oct, 2021