Berlin Marathon Training Week #8 Day 4 A Strong Tempo Run At Sunset

Location: Pasadena, CA.

Temperature: Sunny but with a setting sun, 84 degrees

Type of Run: Tempo

Length: 8.02 miles

Type of route: Some slight gradual inclines and declines with one downhill descent and one uphill descent

Time: 48 minutes, 23 seconds

Pace per mile: 6:02

Average heart rate: 162

Reason for Run: A tempo run is a hard run meant to improve endurance, strength, speed and mental toughness. The goal is to run comfortably hard. That means you should go fast but not race pace fast. After the run you should feel some fatigue but not exhausted. Ideally, you want to feel as if you have a little left in the tank if you had to go longer. If you want to run fast in a race then you have to run fast during training. That’s what a tempo run is for.

Fontana Payday Pic Edit
My first “paycheck” from running has finally arrived. This is from winning the Fontana Days 5k in June. Maybe I should quit my day job now 😉 

How did I feel? Good but you’d think great based on my time. I kicked butt on this tempo run but I didn’t feel like I was kicking butt. I was a little tired overall and my legs were still slightly fatigued from the long run two days prior.  Before this run started, I expected it to be a solid tempo run but one with a slower pace than my tempo runs the past few weeks. I took off to start and kept a hard pace that I felt I could handle. After seeing the first mile split of 6:00 I was surprised but I kept pushing myself. I wanted to slow down but I just told myself to keep the pace. I did mostly.  I slowed down slightly after the second mile but not by much. My pacing was consistent. My slowest mile was mile 7 at 6:13. But that mile was the hardest with most of it being uphill. After the run, I couldn’t figure out why I ran so well despite feeling tired before the run. Sometimes, good days are unexpected. Those days are welcome. I was pleased.



Running With You,