We’re already at episode 8. The year is just moving along. I get into how running in hot weather can actually help make you a better runner. However, you have to be smart about it. Summer can be a boring period between major marathon races. I have some ideas on how to keep training from getting dull the next few months.

Berlin Marathon Week #16 Day 4 Another Warm Morning Run

Location: Pasadena, CA.

Temperature: Sunny, 72 degrees, 73% humidity with a 63-degree dew point to start and 87 degrees, 40% humidity and a 63-degree dew point to finish

Type of Run: Medium-long

Length: 13.1 miles

Type of route: Some gradual uphill and downhill with two uphill climbs and two downhill descents

Time: 1 hour, 36 minutes, 23 seconds

Pace per mile: 7:21

Average heart rate: 144

Reason for Run: A medium-long run helps build endurance without wearing out the legs by adding a second full weekly long run. The goal is to prepare your body for running for a long period of time. The pace is generally a bit faster than the pace for a typical long run. Usually, I like to do the medium-long run a day or two after my tempo run. However, I decided to do it before the tempo run this week because I want to run my tempo three days after my long run instead of two. This will help my legs recover between difficult workouts.

How did I feel? Fine. Despite running in the morning, the temperature heated up quickly. That made the end of the run a little uncomfortable. I kept the pace faster than my long run pace but still relaxed and controlled as I didn’t want to wear myself out before I attempt my tempo run tomorrow. Because of this heat wave, I’ll have to start my tempo run earlier tomorrow to avoid the heat.

Running With You,


Berlin Marathon Training Week #5 Day 4 A Hot Run in Fresno

Location: Fresno, CA.

Temperature: Sunny, 93 degrees

Type of Run: Medium-long

Length: 9.18 miles

Type of route: Mostly flat

Time: 1 hour, 1 minute, 57 seconds

Pace per mile: 6:45

Average heart rate: 163

Reason for Run: This was a medium-long run intended to build endurance and boost weekly mileage.

How did I feel? Decent. It was very sunny and hot at 93 degrees. My pace was a faster than what it should’ve been given the heat so I cut the planned 10-miles short a bit. Because I’m traveling, I didn’t have my camelbak for water which I would’ve worn had this run been at home. Running in the heat is not easy though it does have surprising benefits despite its difficulty. As you can see, my heart rate was quite high for the pace. This was due to the heat as my body had to work harder in the hot weather. I wouldn’t recommend a beginner train in hot weather due to risk of dehydration and other heat-related illnesses. ┬áThis should be done by more experienced athletes who understand how to properly hydrate and pace in the heat. You have to know your body and what it can and can’t tolerate. This is done through experience.