I get right into tempo runs and why they’re important if you want to run your best race. The Boston Marathon elite fields for the men and women could be the best ever. I focus on six women and six men to keep an eye on. I also explain why I don’t like strollers during races and how two stroller racers were nothing but showboaters and disrespectful.

Berlin Marathon Training Week #3 Day 3 Tempo Run Fun

Location: Pasadena, CA

Temperature: Overcast, 61 degrees, 80% humidity

Type of Run: Tempo

Length: 6.9 miles

Type of route: gradual declines and inclines with one hill climb and one descent

Time: 42 minutes, 39 seconds

Pace per mile: 6:11

Average Heart Rate: 158

Reason for Run: Tempo runs are meant to be done at a comfortably hard pace. This is not quite race pace but a pace that pushes you. The idea is to get the body and legs used to running hard so you’ll be better prepared for a race. Tempo runs can build both speed and endurance.

How did I feel? Good. I felt the pace was what it was supposed to be which was comfortably hard. My watch didn’t record mile splits this run but I didn’t feel any significant slowdown at any point in the run. My goal was simply to just run hard. I put no pressure on myself to hit a certain per mile pace. I learned from Monday’s run to better prepare myself mentally. ¬†Also, the cooler weather helped despite the high humidity. Yes, I was drenched in sweat again following the run with the 80% humidity level but it wasn’t bothersome due to the marine layer providing cover from the sun. Running in cooler temperatures will make almost any run feel easier.

Running With You,